Adding led strips

I had been struggling with the ability to see whats been printed for quite a time now. tried using a side lamp or a flashlight.

None of the above was good enough. Then I came across a youtube guide by Michael from teaching tech showing how to add led strip that was purchased especially for 3D printers. It was nice but a bit expensive and cumbersome because you had to print out an adapter.

By chance I got a reel of led strips which got me thinking whether I can create the lighting by my self.

Couple days ago I saw a post on the Facebook Creality ender3 group by maker max corbett telling us that he added led to the printer. in the youtube he added you can see how easy it is done.

The only thing that was holding me back (of course beside work, home stuff etc…) was that the led strip was designed for 12 Volt and the printer is 24 Volt.

After some research I found a website that explains how use the Led strip connected serial way. In this way you double the resistance and now it can work on 24 Volt.

I have finished this project today and added a separate switch for the led strips.

Now I can see the prints clearly.

See you next time

3DP blogger